Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Still Running Against the Wind

I've found yet another writing site with prompts that I'm thinking I'm going to like. Velvet Verbosity 100 Word Challenge. This weeks prompt word is dust.

They are whispers, 
whispers of love, hope, betrayal, and dreams
The voices of millions 
in seemingly harmful particles,
particles that many wipe, wash, wisk, 
and wish away.
They visit me, and they visit you as well.
Have you heard them?

I’ve heard them as they float 
through the bedroom.
They are there and they are real, 
they remind me
that while I may still be 
running against the wind,
I, like them, am still nothing more 
than dust in the wind,
traveling miles to touch those who will feel.
They whisper this with love, hope, and betrayal in my daydreams.


  1. I wondered if I was going to hear a little Seager in the back ground - Well done with Dust!

    1. Seager is always in the background. LOL Thanks

  2. Beautiful imagery, an enchanting 100 Word debut.

  3. great job at expressing emotion in this piece. well done.

  4. oooh, very nice play on dust. enjoyed.

  5. Welcome to the 100 Word Nerd Army! Always tickled to meet newcomers. :) And I agree with Tara, "enchanting".

    I'm not sure if you meant to say "harmful". I feel like you meant to say "harmless"?

    1. Thanks so much. Glad I found you. Nope, I meant harmful as in for asthma sufferers, people with allergies, etc. Dust gets a dirty rap.:)
      Looking forward to the next.