Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Winter of Spring - AROS

Terrific inspiration on Writing Our Way Home this morning.

Orange blazes through the treetops that a brilliant cardinal exercises in
Throw open the sashes to welcome the warmth, the possibilities
Breakfast on the front porch while cats inspect and dog lolls
Ah, spring in winter, the winter of spring, the hope

Saturday, February 11, 2012

AROS - Daily Mountain Stroll

Our daily walk up, down, and around the mountain
Mello steps high and brisk in the white cold
Halts quickly at eerie creaks of Standing People 
Arctic blast clatters branches against dormant trunks
Whistle and scream of the winds through skeletal trees
Send turkey vultures en masse in opposite direction
Bare whiteness reaches and screeches, taunts 
Testing mammal fortitude against ancient voices

Absorbed Within the Soul - AROS

I've haven't written first thing in the morning in a very long time. Plus, I've not been too all very mindful lately. A piece written on my favorite site, Writing Our Way Home, inspired me and awakened the moment I'd not been present enough to enjoy initially. Thankfully, our soul absorbs those moments and holds them for us until we're ready. 

Absorbed Within the Souls

Naked limbs outside the window dance
They were shy and still a moment before
When I stood beneath in lighting gray
A rustle in the brush put Mellow in stance
And fluttering flakes dampened my nose
The moment gone without presence
Absorbed tho within the soul to know 

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Want to Know Life

I want to know life
To taste the salty sweetness
Smell breezes and hear flower petals
As they unfold beneath the suns’ caress
I want to know life