Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Overcoming Fear

I put all my belongings in storage, left my kitties with my daughter, got behind the wheel of an untested truck with $350 in my pocket, and struck out to sights unknown. I drove roads barely wide enough for the truck with drops of 4000 feet. I stayed with total strangers in unknown places. I traveled alone through the rural south with a hatchet for protection. I moved my entire one bedroom apartment in a 6’ trailer attached to that truck, rolling over logging roads etched in the side of a mountain at midnight. I live in on the top of a mountain where the SWAT team has arrested meth dealers, and I sleep with my windows open, and a 12” Bowie on the nightstand. I’ve loaded and unloaded two 6’ foot beds of wood, built a chicken coop, and tilled Georgia clay that’s never been touched. See the fruits of my labor?

What the hell am I afraid of.

pumpkin patch


watermelon and canteloupe patch

Saturday, July 14, 2012

City Child

The city child not as enchanted with the wild
As Nana hoped he’d be
The life of chickens, so interesting to me
Elicited a slight chuckle and nothing more
Lettuce from yard to BLT or crisp bean from the vine
To a city teen is boredom galore
The coop presented as palate for prime tagging
Still awaits his urban genius
Even the thrill of white water rafting
Does nothing to move the energy beneath
Ah, but the drive to the gym with a basketball court
Now that seems what his life is made for
Perhaps I will be that mean old grandma
Hide the Xbox cord, and kick him out the door.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Life Flutters - A Small Stone

The hummingbird visited this morning
Hovered at the window
Life flutters

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Sun Rises

The Trifecta challenge: Give us 33-333 words with this as your inspiration: The world will end in three days. 

I am impressed because this has gotten me writing. Good job. 

The Sun Rises

The cats need fed, the dog a walk
On the wild side
The chickens have yet to lay an egg
And, I scramble in the moment

Cilantro has gone to seed while
Pumpkins control the ground
A pepper here, a bean there
Sprouts galore, everywhere

The sun rises bronze and
Sets in amber waves
It all matters not what comes or goes
The world will end in three days.

Poetry manuscript scattered about
Novel started, stopped and lost
Inspiration sweats and drips
In puddles on the parched earth

The deck beckons, as does the bed
Instead, knees and fingernails caked
Cool red Georgia clay soothes the fever
Yet the willing soul bakes

The sun rises bronze and
Sets in amber waves
It all matters not what comes or goes
The world will end in three days.