Saturday, July 14, 2012

City Child

The city child not as enchanted with the wild
As Nana hoped he’d be
The life of chickens, so interesting to me
Elicited a slight chuckle and nothing more
Lettuce from yard to BLT or crisp bean from the vine
To a city teen is boredom galore
The coop presented as palate for prime tagging
Still awaits his urban genius
Even the thrill of white water rafting
Does nothing to move the energy beneath
Ah, but the drive to the gym with a basketball court
Now that seems what his life is made for
Perhaps I will be that mean old grandma
Hide the Xbox cord, and kick him out the door.


  1. We just don't know what another life can be when all we've had is but one.

    I remember when I first when to the country after being a city babe...
    Boring. Nothing to do...Bugs! But then after that little taste of wide open space.

    Enjoy your visitors. :)