Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Overcoming Fear

I put all my belongings in storage, left my kitties with my daughter, got behind the wheel of an untested truck with $350 in my pocket, and struck out to sights unknown. I drove roads barely wide enough for the truck with drops of 4000 feet. I stayed with total strangers in unknown places. I traveled alone through the rural south with a hatchet for protection. I moved my entire one bedroom apartment in a 6’ trailer attached to that truck, rolling over logging roads etched in the side of a mountain at midnight. I live in on the top of a mountain where the SWAT team has arrested meth dealers, and I sleep with my windows open, and a 12” Bowie on the nightstand. I’ve loaded and unloaded two 6’ foot beds of wood, built a chicken coop, and tilled Georgia clay that’s never been touched. See the fruits of my labor?

What the hell am I afraid of.

pumpkin patch


watermelon and canteloupe patch

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