Tuesday, June 28, 2011


A different place, a different time--the WHO remains the same.

I Sleep soundly

Magritte Mask Reveal by Rene Magritte thanks to Christopher Heyworth

Shape-shifting and flitting beyond the wizard’s curtain, I’ve felt
Pepper kisses from the universe upon my cheeks. I’ve seen the
Copper haze float over the mountain tops and settle in the tree-tops,
Inhaling the shade and spitting cool fire onto the silent sands. The
Grace of being lies beneath the surface and I sleep soundly.


Monday, June 27, 2011

The View

If the view isn’t for you—change it

The white water rages, ripples and gurgles

The mind quiets, floats and whispers

Because of, due to, matters not

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fiction Writing Prompt

For you fiction writers out there, Poets and Writers had in interesting prompt in their June 16th Newsletter.

Write a story using the following as the first line: There were three things she told me never to do.

I'm personally trying to decide if I want to follow this prompt, work on my novel, compile my poetry manuscript, or design and layout a student anthology that was promised months ago.

You can check on my decision, if you like, later, right here.

Good luck to you.

Stories Again

Sunday Wordle #9 from Sunday Whirl. 

Stories Again

Oh, it’s those stories again. I’ve found
them wrapped up in stardust and tangled.
A string of Christmas lights no one wants
to tame, rather toss the sparks and forget.

Oh, it’s those stories again. Sneaky, and sly,
slithering serpents shedding their skin, leaving
threads to ponder, to weave together into the
bare bones of myth and magic.

Oh, it’s those stories again. Their voices
scream, etch scars upon the gossamer
soul.  At last the temple splits, the slit
reveals the storied sky. Oh, those stories!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fallen Lotus Petals

Found through Margo's Wordgathering blog, this prompt came from The Sunday Whirl. The words in the whirl were: bold, strange, sleep, wish, devious, enchanting, alluring, inspiring, lotus, kinship, torsos, and stories. I truly loved this challenge and I hope you will also.

Fallen Lotus Petal

Skipping thru the lily pads of my mind, I gather 
enchanting ideas like fallen lotus petals, and stuff 
them into my pockets, my bra, tie them in my hair. 
Later, at most inopportune times one will escape and 
become a wish that flutters on gossamer wings, then 
crashes with a harsh thud. Over the years, the wishes 
have piled up into enormous heaps of strange wings, 
eyes, torso’s, parts with breath that sigh and whisper 
in my sleep. They are all bits and strips of me, big 
and bold and powerful. The stories they tell are full 
of tears and laughter, life, death, joy and hope, yet 
they are devious liars. Don’t be fooled by inspiring 
quips or alluring gestures. The kinship they seek is 
of unknown depths with prickly, stickly rules that 
entangle and trip up the skip. You may, like me, end 
up flailing angels in fallen lotus petals and dreaming 
of snowmen.

My space

Last night I decided to splurge with a hotel room--to lounge in the tub, eat potato chips and watch tv (there's been no tv in my life for 33 days, and while I'm not a hound, I do like it occasionally, especially news). I figured I would get a better nights sleep where I had control over the air conditioning and the noise level. I was wrong. I was up 2-3 times during the night and woke with a headache--probably because I had control of the air conditioning and set it at 'northern winter.' 

While I was dipping my chips and mumching red grapes with cheddar cheese, I visited my favorite writer's website "Writing Our Way Home" and came upon the prompt by Margo Roby for an etheree poem. You can see her example as well as the links she provides to others. Here is my attempt:

I embody
My space, my room
My identity
Colors the atmosphere
Permeates my surroundings
My energy determines me
Positive, negative, neutral me
Projects, absorbs, nurtures, and bears the fruit

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Untitled - A River of Stones

My hostesses son is listening to music in the room next door with friends and the following just flew from my fingertips. Can you tell what kind of music he was listening to?

im’a watch it til I’m blind
im’a watch it til I find
i no longer see that kind
til I pry open the closed mind
and let all the sunlight shine
on the cobwebs of design
that prohibit sensible realign
im’a destroy the global mastermind
show the love, the joy of time
life that has bent the line
the circle of life

im’a watch it til I’m blind.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nirvana is in the Void

Nirvana is in the Void

Everything seems to whisper secretly
to shore up trembling limbs, and
embrace drooping shoulders.
See the invisible and hear the silence.
The great mystery holds the truth.
Years pass in the moments and
time means nothing for
Nirvana is in the void

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Saturday, June 4, 2011

South Summer Sauna

South-Summer Sauna

Sizzling, south-summer sauna with strawberry salsa in the shade and sipping sweet tea thru a straw while swaying beneath sweeping magnolias and swallowing a Yankee accent. To sit in a white water creek, splashing away sorrow and sadness. Yes, I’m sitting in a white water creek, swallowing that Yankee accent and sipping sweet tea thru a straw with strawberry salsa in the shade of this
Sizzling, south-summer sauna