Saturday, June 18, 2011

Fallen Lotus Petals

Found through Margo's Wordgathering blog, this prompt came from The Sunday Whirl. The words in the whirl were: bold, strange, sleep, wish, devious, enchanting, alluring, inspiring, lotus, kinship, torsos, and stories. I truly loved this challenge and I hope you will also.

Fallen Lotus Petal

Skipping thru the lily pads of my mind, I gather 
enchanting ideas like fallen lotus petals, and stuff 
them into my pockets, my bra, tie them in my hair. 
Later, at most inopportune times one will escape and 
become a wish that flutters on gossamer wings, then 
crashes with a harsh thud. Over the years, the wishes 
have piled up into enormous heaps of strange wings, 
eyes, torso’s, parts with breath that sigh and whisper 
in my sleep. They are all bits and strips of me, big 
and bold and powerful. The stories they tell are full 
of tears and laughter, life, death, joy and hope, yet 
they are devious liars. Don’t be fooled by inspiring 
quips or alluring gestures. The kinship they seek is 
of unknown depths with prickly, stickly rules that 
entangle and trip up the skip. You may, like me, end 
up flailing angels in fallen lotus petals and dreaming 
of snowmen.


  1. So glad I have your blog to follow. I enjoy everything I read of yours.
    The last sentence is particularly stunning.
    When you write a prose poem like this how do you decide where to break your lines? I would like to tackle a prose poem but haven't wrapped my brain around the how yet.

  2. HA, Margo, once you hear how I do it, you'll probably want to ask someone else.

    After i write and write, then I bring the right side margin in to 3.5 and justify it. And...there you have it.

    LOL-Aren't you glad you asked ME? No poetic literacy in that, huh?

  3. I might give your line break trick a whirl, myself. This is a rich piece filled with beautiful images. Yours is a lovely lily padded mind, and I'm glad you found the Sunday Whirl.

  4. Donna, I love the opening, it pulls one right in. Excellent job with the wordle words.


  5. Thanks all. This was fun and I plan to keep it going.

    Brenda-you haven't seen the barbed wire portion of my mind yet. LOL