Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stories Again

Sunday Wordle #9 from Sunday Whirl. 

Stories Again

Oh, it’s those stories again. I’ve found
them wrapped up in stardust and tangled.
A string of Christmas lights no one wants
to tame, rather toss the sparks and forget.

Oh, it’s those stories again. Sneaky, and sly,
slithering serpents shedding their skin, leaving
threads to ponder, to weave together into the
bare bones of myth and magic.

Oh, it’s those stories again. Their voices
scream, etch scars upon the gossamer
soul.  At last the temple splits, the slit
reveals the storied sky. Oh, those stories!


  1. The imagery between your refrain is intriguing. This is a rich piece of writing. The serpent skin as threads to ponder is lovely in a spooky stirring way.
    Yay! You did it. The picture is tangled and serene.

  2. Oh, what fun! I like your structure, but then I'm a sucker for repetition. But I like the increasing of intensity with each new definition of story.


  3. Donna, the repetition works perfectly in this piece. Nicely done.


  4. I love what you've done here, Donna, using the repetition of "Oh, it’s those stories again." And then each stanza goes off in a different direction but they're all connected. This is truly wonderful!

  5. I like this very much - the repetition adds so much to the strength of this.

    . . . Oh, those stories. :-)

  6. I will concur. The repetition works well. It transports me to think about stories, the many stories we all have, we all write.

  7. Ah, you pull us in with the first line, twist us, turn us, take us on a journey and then drop us where we began. I’m getting back in line and going again.

  8. Oh, this poem. Magnificanto. I invented a new word of praise just for you. Super job. One of my fav wordles so far.

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  10. Yes, those stories bring us back again and again. You've captured the wonderful allure of storytelling with this piece.