Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 Writing Goals

Writing goals? Hmm.

On January 1st I wrote about not making resolutions rather continuing what has worked, letting go of what hasn’t, and things I’d like to do more of in the New Year. Goal setting was on none of those lists; however, after reading Sophie Novak’s article on The Write Practice blog, I think goal setting should be added, particularly writing goals.

Her suggestions include:
  1. Making a plan
  2. Collecting my notes
  3. Starting new habits
  4. Experimenting
  5. Prioritizing 

I’m not a “plan maker,” and it strikes me too much as “making resolutions,” so that one is out – for me, for now.

“Collecting notes” has come up quite a bit lately. There is a Facebook post circulating about jotting down every good thing that happens and saving those slips of paper in a jar to be read and remembered at the end of the year. Sophie’s suggestion is to gather all the idea’s we writers have been jotting down everywhere into an “idea box.” This one I think is a keeper. I’ll be “creating” my idea box today, which leads me right into “starting new habits.” Perfect! I’ve got two down.

I’m going to skip “experimenting” for now although both the idea box and starting new habits may be considered experiments for me.

“Prioritizing” is something that I’ve been working on and a promise that I’ve made to myself. Blogging daily is the priority and so far, so good.

So, my writing goals for 2013 are shaping up to look something like this (in no particular order):

There are other things on the back burners that have been simmering for awhile – my novel, my Georgia trip memoir (see 2011 and 2012 posts on both "ravings" and "write"), the poetry manuscript that may be scorched it’s been there so long, and of course, submitting. My hope is that as I work on the goals set, the others will fall into place more easily. At least, that’s the “plan” that I haven’t made.

So, all my fellow writer’s out there, what are your 2013 writing goals? I’d love to read them – and maybe steal them. :)



  1. Well hello there! Found you on Teri's blog list. While still continuing daily pieces I'm branching off to some small Flashy Fiction. I'm not a planner either. But I'm thinking of trying to submit a few more pieces this year - to publications.

    Hoping the New Year brings us both closer to our goals :)
    Hugs, Jules.

    1. Hi Jules-good to hear from you. Happy New year. Ahh, flash fiction, I'm just too long winded. How's the family and weather? I missed min so much (the family, not the weather) that I moved back up north. In Wisconsin now. Stay in touch.