Monday, January 3, 2011

Poem of the day

"Above, branches spread a dendroid filigree across the sky."~ Angus Wells; Dark Magic: The Godwars; Bantam; 1992.

Above and beyond, over and under, wrapped within clich├ęs’
branches is the truth wondered about; covered by fallacies that
spread mists over innocent growth, obstructs the vitality of
a crimson rise or a ginger set. Traipsing blindly we miss the
dendroid of potential that encircles the universe. The vibrant
filigree left unnoticed, unrecognized while our steps bear us
across unknown terrain. We stumble and falter within
the shadows. We creep along, timidly reaching out for a
sky that awaits our soar, and maintains the winds of forever.

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