Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Have

Inspired by "I Saw You Look" by L Douglas St Ours

I have the power to believe that anything is possible
I have a relentless fear that everything close
       will pass away without knowledge
I have a never-ending view of my failures
       and nothing but clear space to fill with more
I have love and fear and hate without measure
I have friends who forget what it means
      and friends who wrote the definition
I have given and taken life and apologize for neither
I have thoughts that support psychiatrists, psychoanalysts, psychotherapists,      psychosis, psychopaths and the everyday American psycho
I have you
I have no doubt that it will come to be
I have stories to tell that have no words
     and words that have no stories
I have the energy of stagnation, the laziness of perpetual movement, inspiration and      intoxication, experience and explanation and
     I have no where to go
I have me
I have a guardian angel whose gossamer wings flutter
     scents of Jack Daniels and Marlboro while she drifts around my head telling tales of      heaven
I have ghosts who keep me warm in the chill of a dream and
     dreams of ancient ghosts calling
I have screamed in bloodcurdling whispers, praying for silence
I have wondered what it would be like to wander
     in a wasteland of serenity with worries
     covered in purple irises and golden daffodils

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