Friday, January 21, 2011

Butterfly Chariots

Inspired by Mary Oliver's "Wild Geese"

See the format below.

Butterfly Chariots

You do not have to be the wind beneath my wings.
You do not have to carry me through the fierce woodland, over the decayed trees of my life, amid counterfeit assurance.
You only have to hold my hand, be by my side as a comrade, and believe with words unspoken.
Tell me about your terror, your losses, and your map forward; I will bury your fears and injuries beneath mine.
I will translate the compass.
While the minutes sing of our journey; while the rivers cleanse the shores of our past; while the butterfly chariots chase our suns and moons only to be captured, and trussed to the stars.
Meanwhile, lay your soul on my pillow so our dreams will soar together, waiting for us.
Your imagination says what mine knows, “Somewhere, sometime, you are there. I am coming.”

And this is how you create it:

You do not have to be ______________________________________________________
You do not have to (do something, go somewhere, act someway) ______________________________________________
You only have to (do/be/act/say)
Tell me about _________________________________________________________________
While the _______________________________________________________________________
Your imagination says __________________________________________________________

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