Friday, October 26, 2012

Extended Life Span Zombies - Trifextra

Credit: Zora Neale Hurston
“Tell them. They need to know, Zora. Tell them. This is what Extended Life Spans look like. Stop with the bean sprouts and garbanzo bean soufflé’s already. Eat some red meat, dammit. ”

Weekend Trifextra: 

We want thirty three words that are somehow related to Hurston's zombie sighting.  How you structure your response is entirely up to you.

This weekend's challenge is community-judged.
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  1. I'm with you on the no bean sprouts and bean souffle, and I get plenty of red meat! :-)

    Nice job!

  2. Haha! Great take on the prompt.

  3. I definitely agree! Hamburgers mmmm

  4. Hahaha! Love this and some big, fat, juicy ribeye! Maybe that's the secret to the fountain of youth?

  5. Garbanzo bean souffle is much like a zombie, not quite right!

  6. Sad, scared vegetarian here! But I hate bean sprouts, so good news there.

    1. There are many, many vegetarian dishes I love, Varsha, as well as a thick, bloody steak. AND, bean sprouts on sandwiches. But, just a story. Thx for stopping by.

  7. Awesome! I knew there was a reason to not go vegan!

  8. Funny. Zombies do like to eat red meat, and brains. Real food.

  9. bwahahahaha - picking up the steak now - and a stake as well. Oh, wait . . . :)

  10. The best revenge is dying well!

  11. That made me laugh. You are right. Get that red meat!

  12. I'm with (most of) rest of them. Bring on the steak, I say, seared bloody and blue.