Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Daily Accomplishment

What have I done with the passing day? 

I wrote one line to the Trifecta Challenge of 33 to 333 words for the prompt : BLACK
3: dressed in black

                              "Satin and lace cracks the air like the toreador’s cape in a synchronized                       Paso Doble, dancing with the unseen."

What the hell does that mean? And, where do I go from here?

I helped my daughter with her art/composition homework to choose a painting that seems silent and still, and then to question it until it speaks. We went through Dali's, Botticelli's, and DaVinci's and settled on American Gothic. How's that for some variety? 

I took Mello on an hour long "loose-leash" training walk around the neighborhood. He did well with still some more to go. 

I'm cooking spaghetti before my 7-year-old's championship football game.

After that, it's the Presidential Debate and the results of DWTS. 

Productive day? I just don't know anymore. 

Oh, and I wrote this blog post. 

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