Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Voices Prattle - Wordle#15

The voices prattle on ceaselessly and senselessly,
regardless of scenery, blistered cement or mountain mists.
Replacing bumpin’ Chevy’s with a crickets’ ratchet or
intoxicated screams with wilderness howls did little
to silence the jangle of the juried sentence.

The image of dedicated creator, immersed in serenity
splinters into proclaimed reality of sameness.
“Wherever you are…” rattles the clichéd voice,
proving its limited dimensions. But, “If it’s not broken…”!
Success of past destruction breeds repetitive mimicry.

Ambitions vision stutters on, sprouts hardy greenery
resistant to the blathering of fear-mongering flatulence.
This delicious weed pierces the fortress of holy babble and
emerges, flowering victorious, nutritious, and fruitful.

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