Friday, August 26, 2011

The Body Rejoices

So, I'm working on form and meter over on the writers site Writing Our Way Home.  It's really an inspirational site with a bunch of lovely people who are welcoming, warm, and supportive. Right now we're working on Heroic Couplets. For example:

True EASE in WRIting COMES from ART, not CHANCE, 
As THOSE move EASiest WHO have LEARN'D to DANCE. 


the SOUND must SEEM an ECho TO the SENSE. 

I didn't think the last one I did was very good, which is why I haven't posted it here. I 'try' to share only my good stuff-you'd thank me, really. 

So, I thought maybe if I just write and then re-arrange the piece to 'make' a heroic couplet. I struggled with that until I broke out in a cold sweat and before I stamped off and threw myself in bed, I quit. Here is the original piece, which obviously I like since I'm sharing.

The Body Rejoices

The body rejoices
Then it rebels
Sunrise meditation, deep morning mountain air breaths
Crisp, cool and damp with night’s sleepy dew.
Tai-chi stretches confident before mindful trees
Warms and caresses stagnant muscles
Breaking dead branches fallen to the earth,
Pulling overgrown horseweed
The bulk of being whispers
“Thank you”

Raking years of layered hickory nuts, shells and leaves
Closer to the compost, closer to the fire pit
Whispers becomes murmurs, turn to screams
Head reels and stomach churns
The body rejoices
Then it rebels

Hot water steams down and soothes into lullaby’s
Senses heightened, oxygen pumps robust,
Words tumble, poetry flows
The mind rejoices
The body—content.


  1. Beautiful images throughout this! I can smell the mountain air and sympathize with stagnant muscles!

    Wonderful :)

  2. The content is amazing DK, such vibrant imagery.


    Jemmy x

  3. Thanks to you both, Kris and Jemmy.