Tuesday, May 17, 2011

On My Mind

Inspired by a dear friend, Phillis Humphries, who emailed this piece to me as I journey onward.

you are on my mind and in my heart
decisions are difficult to make
i usually have so many words
but today i am word-weary
because each of us has to do what we deem right in each situation
and only you can be the decider
Phillis Humphries
On My Mind

What I’ve found:

Decisions are difficult when WE make them.
Be still, embrace moments and allow decisions to arrive.

Be a kind person and ask for help.
People want to assist those who care.

Make a conscious effort to smile.
It helps others to create a smile and
Smiles lift and heal the heart.

Words have immense power.
So also, do hands, affection and thoughts
Reach, feel, and meditate when words flee

Thank your god for what you have, and
inspiration will appear in the atmosphere

Don’t miss your gifts by seeking them,
They arrive in emails, phone messages,
From friends, friends of friends and strangers.

Thank your god and smile.

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