Monday, May 16, 2011

Fields of Sunshine

Fields of Sunshine

Bloated darkness loomed overhead with threatening squash. Sprinkles turned to showers to open spigots, back to foreboding. Little Wabash River had become Little Wabash Flood-Land River. Feet from Highway 64, full grown trees peeked through rolling waves. An awesome sight of nature’s fearsome force in battle with man, leaving little doubt of the victor in the end bout.

In one moment, darkness dispelled by brilliant golden flames of Goldenrods that replaced the floods with fields of sunshine. Switch flipped from below to pierce the unchanged black above. Coming upon such radiance interrupted road concentration with a childlike wonder and impulse to skip through the fields clapping hands and singing hymns. Hymns! Of all things.

Majestic, glorious fields of radiant sun shining UP on me!

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