Monday, April 28, 2008

published 5-31-seniors speak out

i conduct creative writing workshops with seniors, some with beginning stages of Alzheimer's, some with physical ailments and some justing aging. yesterday we talked about Memorial Day, what they knew about it, remembered about it and thought about it. we read some Memorial Day poetry and then we wrote. the exercise was for each to give a word they thought of when they heard "Memorial Day." the words they gave were: America, war, military, soldiers, and sadness. i mixed them all up and then asked each to pick one and give a sentence using that word. the following is the wonderful result:

"Ode to Memorial Day: America the Beautiful!"

We honor those truthful and dutiful
Memorial Day
We remember the day the war ended
And all of those who defended
Keep our military safe and sound
Our soldiers and our flags all around
The soldiers are dressed in uniform
To show respect and honor in proper decorum
Memorial Day is a remembering holiday
Celebrated on the 30th of May
We visit cemeteries in sadness
And pray for the end of the madness.

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