Monday, April 28, 2008

inspired poetry-jan 2008

inspired by the day

Alaska Heat

August 12, 2007, not the hottest day
But damn close
Pools of sweat gather in areas
Doused with powder. Create
Little balls of goo, clung to pasty skin
Beneath air conditioner ran 10th day straight.
Cats search for warmth, cuddle close
One beside, one above, are pushed away
Grandkids gone after 14-day stretch
Non movement and T.V.=drugs of choice

“Into Alaska” highlights polar bears
Arctic foxes vying for fatty seal.
Transported, dove into white drifts
Meditated on snowcapped mountains
Fished in crystal blue cool water
Transported, relieved of oppressive heat
Transported, desire rose
Alas, cost of living is double and triple
into Alaska.
August 12, 2007, not the hottest day.

No need to verify plane fares--today I have arrived--without leaving.

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