Monday, June 18, 2012

Feel the Earth -AROS

Work the earth, feel the earth
Gloves not allowed


  1. get bit by a bug

    me confused

    looked up Aros

    Norse: From the river's mouth

  2. are you playing in a mud puddle?

    is the earth dark and rich?

    no gloves bet you ride without a helmet too

    but my love I pray protect yourself

    we have a hornet infestation
    thought about your bags of water with pennies and I found a brand new penny today
    found a recipe for a trap but Bob wants to just knock it down they looked nasty big black one came in the house 5 times
    Eva guided him out and only lost it when it looked like it was going to land on Sea Bass I came flying and found out the window she thought was closed was open an inch
    locked it tight
    Manny looked out the window
    and that bastard bug
    came diving at his face but couldn't break the glass
    ha ha
    I have work tomorrow and the next day
    so I may not set my traps I found one empty two litre by the door and bought another I just emptied
    writing on a sugar buzz ha ha
    miss u

  3. I like that you looked up AROS, never thought to do that since it is an acronym for A River of Stones - small pieces written about daily life/sights/sounds. The link is on the side of the blog. BUT, I really like that it is from my Norse heritage even more. Luv