Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Shall I Write

Wordle 36 - The Sunday Whirl

Leave it to me to turn the words of the season into a lament!

Shall I Write

Shall I write
Shall I heed the decree
Put forth by heart at birth
The simple directions to me

Shall I write
I’ve pondered the mystery
Of the chains which bind
And hinder the journey to me

Shall I write
Or is their fear of pending joy
Peace in the familiar
‘Fear of success’ theory employed

Shall I write
Of shepherds calling the lost
Glad tidings whispered in the darkness
The heard forgotten – at what cost

Shall I write
Or stay in the cold, straw manger
Deny angels presenting clear proof
That ease need not be a stranger

Shall I write
For me or publication
I shall, however
The ‘will’ needs motivation

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