Sunday, November 27, 2011

Merry Christmas Wordle

It’s the time of year for the glow of ruddy faces
Mitten and snowmen and angels in wintry places
Steaming hot cocoa with floating mini marshmallows
Glitter and glamour of fine fancy mellow fellows

‘Tis the season of peace and joy, and loving nuclear families
To give and receive, stuffed stockings and shimmering trees
Cornucopia of foodstuff piled high on lace covered tables
So it says in the glossy book of the world’s favorite fables

Shudders and shivers in the blast of Frosty’s frigid breath
In parks, alleys, and doorways lies a hypothermic death
Or negative bank accounts spinning the subliminal tale
In a mad rush of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale

The rustle of the smug in their devilish sunshine dance
Wrapped in ermine and fur, the appointed fulcrum of chance
Regaling the gullible with continuous retelling of the story
Ring the bells, the angels sing, and nothing is untidy

From the Sunday Wordle:

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