Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I Am - Blessed Be

Restless coyote howls shatter frigid night air as white 
candle flames flicker. Leaves whistle a haunting tune on 
shivering branches yet tenderly rustle beneath shuffling 
feet. Old year concerns slither away on scented smoke 
vapor and ancestors dance joyfully. Drumbeats hearken 
my mother, my father, my brother and wife; faceless 
ancestors welcome and embrace with assurance that 
peace and release, release and peace are possible. 
That matter passes and only love remains. They urge 
acceptance and understanding without hesitation. Enter 
and journey the labyrinth of light and life. The touch of a 
stranger’s hand, the reflection in an eye speaks of 
knowing in the heart—the heart of all in one, one in all. 
The throbbing pulse of Mother Earth coursing through 
our veins as we join our Standing People brothers in the 
wooded arena to celebrate death and rebirth, feminine and 
masculine, positive and negative, the circle of life never 

Blessed Be!

The released confirmed in tarot, the possibility before me 
in colorful ink, step by painful liberating step, validating 
my direction, my path, my connection with the universe.

I Am – Blessed Be!

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