Thursday, September 29, 2011

What Is Love

What Is Love?

What is love but a fervent wish to be
more in the universe than what we see?
More than a solitary organism of life
condensed to mere struggle and strife.

What is love but a breeze of truth
blowing us through the fountain of youth?
It sweeps away the dust and decay
and shines brightly on even the darkest day.

What is love but our cloak of protection
against the deadly pierce of lonely isolation?
A vessel to share without fear of shatter
shielded from all that doesn’t really matter.

What is love but the residue of our dreams?
Stardust to suffocate the screams.
A trunk full of our thinnest skins,
padlocked and hidden from the cold winds.

What is love but to be
truth, protection, and dreams.

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