Monday, July 11, 2011

The Poem of Her Life

Wordle #12

                                                           The Poem of Her Life

The slamming door rattled the tin walls of the trailer.
She said she didn’t care, and she didn’t. She curled
in her mama’s rocker while the moments fluttered
by, and her galloping heart settled. A curl twisted round
her fingertip, and she couldn’t resist the thought
that, if it were true, the world was hers. The preys’
instinct gave her patience, and whispered the logic
that a predator lingers to pounce unexpectedly. At
the buzz of moth wings on the window, she knew,
it wasn’t on a whim. The silence and solitude was a
gift for her lover. He waited as she prepared. Their
passion would finally be consummated. She shivered
as she grabbed her shawl and ran to meet the
poem of her life by the river.


  1. You said it was different! A prose piece. It was fun to see how the wordle words worked in this piece and how you said so much in so few words. A whole story.


  2. Thanks Margo. I do write fiction, and since I'm 'supposed' to be working on a novel, I should practice. LOL

  3. "The slamming door rattled the tin walls of the trailer.
    She said she didn’t care, and she didn’t."

    That beginning sets a scene so well. :-)

  4. Donna, found you on the Whirl, and so glad I did. Prose and poetry really are the same in many ways, so this was a lovely addition to the lineup. Loved the curl twisted around her fingertip; little touches of real life. Great! Amy
    Here's mine:

  5. Even with the title, I was not expecting that ending coming :) Well done!

    My poem ~ A Poetic World

  6. The thoughts of prey, waiting, waiting. Goodness. This is timely. I'm sitting in a motel room that had some shady characters staring my daughters' legs when we moved in last night. They are on both sides of us, and were hanging over the balcony with cigarettes and leering eyes they did not try to hide.

    I love thiis piece, Donna. It is excellent writing. Thank you for going there.

  7. Brenda-sounds not the least bit inviting or relaxing. Hope everything turns out well.