Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Journey

Four Miles
August 2010

Four miles, two of swamp, boulders and felled trees

Two and one-half miles of adventure
Scared a buck, spotted a doe, heard an eagle

One-half mile of excruciating torture

Dragging and praying every inch

It’s not age, it’s idleness
It’s not fat, it’s consumption

It’s not fatigue, it’s weakness
It isn’t orthopedic, it’s delusion

Today four miles, two miles of rugged

Entering the trail-10:30am

Dense woodland both sides. 'Think' it's part of Superior National Forest.

End of the trail. WHAT trail??? Perch Lake. 12:16pm

As close as I could get without being swallowed by swampland. 

This was a part of the trail. I'm pretty proud of myself!!

Timber Wolf Lodge quarry. 1:04pm. Only another quarter mile to the cabin. By now, I was praying for a vehicle but none arrived to save me (thanks Nanci), and I got back to the cabin at 1:30pm. Only crippled for a few hours. Those who know me are aware that this is pretty impressive.

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